May 6, 2011

NYX Sale on Cherry Culture!

Just a heads up for you NYX junkies out there, Cherry Culture is having a huge 50% off sale on selected NYX products (discount code is NMS50). This includes their single eyeshadows, Round lipsticks, Black Label lipsticks, Jumbo eyepencils, and heaps of other stuff. The sale is only on til May 8th.
I've already put in my order, been wanting to bump up my eyeshadow and lippie collection. I've stayed up wayyy past my bedtime, trying to pick what shades to get and googling up swatches (this forum thread was pretty helpful). There are so many, my eyes are going to fall out of their sockets. But it was so worth it. I need some matte shadows! Urban Decay, I love you, but seriously! What is with all the shimmer. :(

I'm so loving the strong Aussie dollar right now. So good! Now off to bed!

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