May 23, 2011

I live in the sea

Didn't realise I'd run out of scheduled posts. :p Oops.

So I don't really have anything at the moment, I thought I might take this time to do a little wishlist! In no particular order:

1. Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadows in any shade. They look so gorgeous! And so amazingly pigmented.

2. Coat or jacket. Would you believe that I've been wearing the same 2 jackets on rotation for the last 5 years or so? The pocket stitching on one of them is actually coming undone lol! I've been eyeing this one from Forever New. I've also taken advantage of the ASOS clearance section and made an order! Can't wait!

3. Knitwear. My jumpers and other cold weather things are all pretty much in the same state as my jackets. :p

4. New moisturiser. I need something that isn't oily but still delivers on moisture.

5. Socks. I know exactly how Dumbledore feels.

6. A new makeup remover. I'm quite keen to try any of the Shu Uemura ones like this one, or the HadaLabo one.

7. NARS anything. I've never tried any of their products. The Dogon eyeshadow duo looks gorgeous too.

8. Skirts! In particular, I've been eyeing this one from MNG. I'd also really like a pencil skirt or something similarly job interview friendly, as well as some fun skirts that I can wear out for salsa dancing.

9. Rock & Republic eyeshadows and blushes. Doesn't seem likely though, if the rumours of their cosmetics line being discontinued are true. And that makes me sad. :(

10. MAC Jeanius line. Particularly, the blush in Pink Cult and the nail lacquer in Frayed to Order.

Well, that's it for now. I limited myself to 10 things, but of course, it's by no means exhaustive. ;D

What's on your wishlist?


  1. Why Steph- I've found you! It's Annie!

    As for moisturisers- Kiehl's everything. I cannot recommend that brand enough, and even moreso now that they've dropped their prices to be like their original, American prices ♥

  2. NARS shadows are amazing!! I swatched a bunch over the weekend after swatching my coastal scents palette, omgosh~ The difference is so obvious, so pigmented and buttery :9

  3. Annie! LOL I've been trying to keep this blog on the low down til I finish writing, but it's so addictive! And reading is even more addictive! *pokes* you should be blogging too. ;)

    Celina, ooh don't tempt me! NARS is a little out of my budget range right now T_T Can't wait to see your Coastal Scents post!


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