May 18, 2011

Mega ringlight!

Okay, so this isn't actually something that I'd done myself. But I thought it was too cool not to share!

I was looking up videos on Youtube on DIY lightboxes, after being inspired by Ling's story on how her husband made her one (lucky girl!). But then I stumbled on this video.

Biggest ringlight ever?!
I'd probably electrocute myself if I tried to make one since I don't have any electrical/wiring/etc know-how. But if I could... well. I can say goodbye to waiting for days with halfway decent sunlight to take photos for FotD posts at the very least! :p


  1. Put a mirror in the ringlight and this would make the best makeup table ever.

    Awesome to look at, awesome to take vids with.

  2. AwesOne! Looks amazing! Will get hubby to make me one of those too! Lol. Not xxx

  3. Celeste, oooh yeah, hadn't thought about that!

    Ling, haha, why not? Be a good project for him. XD


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