March 28, 2011

YUKLUI*STYLE Birthday Giveaway!

Hope I've made it in time! I think I have... XD

The fabulous Nicol of YUKLUI*STYLE is having a giveaway for her birthday. She's offering an Urban Decay The Black Palette (!! zomg!) plus other secret goodies. Please enter because there don't seem to be that many people joining so far, and it is an incredible giveaway! Or don't, then I'll have a better chance of winning LOL! Just kidding... ;)

View her post with her instructions on how to join, here.

March 25, 2011

Priceline sale!

Got this in my inbox today! Priceline will be doing 20% off all cosmetics and skincare (excluding suncare), across all brands, and in all stores for 2 days only - March 29 and 30. Go here to see the advert.
20% doesn't seem like a whole lot to me, but hey, every little bit right? I've been thinking of getting an eye cream from Nivea, might get that then. And I might stock up on my HG hand cream too (Garnier Hand Cocoon)!

March 23, 2011

Pretty & Cute haul

I ordered some stuff from Pretty & Cute at the start of the month, in order to take advantage of a Lioele coupon code from From Head To Toe (it's in the sidebar somewhere). The package took roughly 12 days to reach me. I was super excited, because I'd ordered my first ever BB creams! I wanted to get something to use in place of foundation, that's quicker to apply, and still give me some coverage.


My order came in a small compact box, with the little styrofoam peanuts to fill in the spaces. What I got:

Lioele products

From Lioele, gel eye liner (black), Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base (pink), Beyond the Solution BB cream (30 ml). That is also my first ever gel liner. Yes, I've never used a gel eye liner before! :/ Sorry for being a noob!

Skin79 BB cream

Skin79 VIP Gold Super Plus Beblesh Balm. I actually really wanted the hot pink version, but they were sold out at the time. But from reading the reviews, the gold version might suit my skin type (normal/combination) better.

Missha M Perfect BB cream

Missha M Perfect BB cream in #23 Natural Beige. Hoping that this is a good match for me! I would hazard that I'm a NC20-25? I've never tried MAC foundations either so I don't know.

Lioele sample

They also included a small sample of Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm.

The card

Their card. Definitely would repurchase from them, postage didn't take too long, considering I went with the cheapest option, and they are based in the States. The whole process was pretty painless, and quick.


My makeup table

My makeup table. I had just tidied it, couldn't help taking a picture! Of course it looks a lot messier now. :p

March 21, 2011

Friday mini haul

Now for some pictures to follow on from my possibly too-wordy salsa post. >_>


This is turning into a regular occurrence! Although, none of these things were particularly expensive.
Dove conditioner

Dove Daily Moisture Hair Conditioner, I think it was about AU$5 or 6 from Priceline. I have a pretty picky scalp, and whilst I've found a shampoo that works for me (Wella System Professional), conditioner is another matter. I've recently been trying out different conditioners to try and find one that doesn't make my scalp itch and flake, and that also conditions well.

Dove moisturising lotion

Dove Essential Nutrients Protective Moisturising Lotion SPF 15, roughly AU$13, also from Priceline. Sorry, I can't remember exactly what I paid for it. I was actually tossing up between this and a Neutrogena moisturiser, but got this one because it was a) cheaper, and b) seemed to have better online reviews over all.

The Face Shop base coat

The Face Shop Nail Base Coat, AU$3. I actually got this for free because I had accumulated enough cash points on my membership card! Been needing a new base coat.

The Face Shop Vita C mask sheet

The Face Shop Vita C mask sheet, AU$3. This was actually a freebie, it's even marked "Not for sale" on the back. I think the SA remembers my face now, I've been in and out of her store every week of that month.

Not a bad haul, if I do say so myself.

Salsa footwork course

So last Thursday I went to check out a salsa footwork course, taught by the inimitable Sharon Pakir, director of Spin City Dance. It is being held every week at the SCD studio, and cost me AU$18 to do it casually (they also offer a discounted price if you sign up to do the full 8 weeks). I decided to just try the one class, as I have never done any of the classes offered by SCD, so wasn't entirely sure that I'd like their teaching style/content etc.

Description from the Facebook event page:
In this course, Sharon will focus on your understanding of intricacies of turns and spins in social dancing, from single turns to multiple travelling turns. She will also break down the WHY's in FOLLOWING in SALSA, giving you an awareness of how foot placement and position can transform you from a good dancer to a GREAT dancer.

Using her knowledge as a competent LEAD on the dancefloor, Sharon will also help you understand the secrets that make the top FEMALE DANCERS around the world, great follows, and how you can, with simple alterations to your technique, feel smoother and lighter to dance with.

FINALLY, Sharon will break down how to SPEED up your footwork and body movement, making you lightning fast all on your own so you aren't DEPENDENT on your dance partner for balance or momentum!

Including great drills that you can take home and practice, understanding of timing and rhythm in your footwork, how to translate your footwork movement into the rest of your body, how to attain balance and speed, and best of all, exercises to strengthen the core muscles you use in salsa dancing!

This course is perfect for ANY LADY WHO DANCES SALSA.

IMPROVER level ladies wanting to understand better their fundamental footwork.
INTERMEDIATE ladies who need that added boost to follow more complex turn patterns.
ADVANCED ladies who need this course to take their dancing to the next level.

THIS COURSE covers what Sharon usually only covers with the PRO TEAM training sessions, so don't miss it!

I actually missed out on the first week (which was the week before last), but I think it was okay, I didn't feel like I had missed out on a whole lot. That said, last weeks class left me with a lot to think about - I have a lot of bad habits! >_<

What was covered:
- Posture. This is actually something I noticed and have tried to emulate, just from watching videos of Sharon, and from watching other really amazing dancers on the social scene. Basically, from side on, your profile should resemble an 'S' curve.
Key points: bent knees, raised heels - the 'suspension', as such, comes from your knees, not your feet. And also, most importantly for me, press down on the pelvis to get that bottom out! This last is really hard for me, because I used to do ballet as a kid, and the one and only thing that stuck, was to keep that bottom tucked under! I do this, even when I'm just standing around, normally! So that's one habit I'll have to break somehow.

- Drills. I'm not going to describe them, mostly because it's hard to do so, and I'll never be sure that I'm providing an accurate description. I found them quite challenging, in particular the ones that focused on footwork for cross body turns. We mainly covered cross body turns to the right (I think left is going to be on the menu this week), and I'm quite disturbed to realise that I actually do not know the footwork at all! I think I've just been spinning my way through them when dancing socially. Although I'm not sure that this is completely my fault, I've really only done lessons in Cuban style salsa, not L.A., and can't recall right cross body turns coming up that much, if at all. Certainly the term itself was never thrown around.
Balance is definitely an issue for me, I have trouble balancing on one foot and standing still, let alone do that whilst turning. It has to do with where I place my weight on my foot. I've also realised that I generate my momentum for spins and turns from my shoulders and arms which doesn't help! I think it shifts my center too high, and thus I'm more likely to wobble and fall over in a spin. I need to shift the focus lower, and lead spins with my hips rather than arms.

I think this course is going to be well worth its price, definitely going to the rest of the classes. Not only is it helping me pinpoint the areas that I need to work on, but it's also providing me ways to do it. I'm probably going to be doing some drills down the lab corridor tomorrow lol.
Phew! This turned out to be a longer post than I expected.

March 20, 2011

Gigantic haul!

So a few things came in the mail for me recently, and I wanted to do a huge haul post. This is all stuff that I've bought over the last four months or so, mind you...

Big haul!

It's really satisfying to look at. Some I bought while I was in Singapore, some of it is from eBay, and some from here - good old Melbourne.
Please forgive the perhaps overly liberal use of watermarking, I really dislike the thought of someone using my photos for their own purposes and not crediting - and I have seen/heard of unscrupulous eBayers using photos from well-known sites such as Temptalia and passing them off as their own. Really dishonest.

First up, Urban Decay eyeshadows! I really need some eyeshadows in my life. I'm seriously tired of using black eyeliner only! I got the Naked palette for everyday neutral looks, and the Book of Shadows III for more fun/going out looks. Both were from eBay.

Urban Decay palettes

Sadly, one of the shadows, Perversion, in the BoS broke in the post. :( I probably would like this one the most too. Some of it got stuck to the box and I cleaned it off before taking photos. It was so smooth and velvety! Can't wait to use these!

Broken eyeshadow

I'm going to try and repair Perversion, and then I'll probably look into depotting these. Whilst it's really cool, the packaging for BoS is just too chunky and space wasting.

Lights up though! So cool!

Next, some face stuff. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Light Flush, which I absolutely adore, Majolica Majorca Cheek Customize cheek colour PK333, which I also love. I'm such a sucker for Majo-majo stuff, their packaging is so so pretty! Look at that gold logo! Look at it! And also from Daiso, a powder foundation which I still haven't tried, and the failed concealer which I mentioned in this post.

Face makeup haul

Nail stuff next. The Butter London nail polish came free with an issue of either Vogue Australia or Harpers Bazaar, I can't remember. I haven't used it yet, but I've since heard really great things about Butter London polishes, so I'll probably get to it soon. At the moment I'm wearing Chanel Le Vernis nail colour in Vendetta which is a dark purple with microshimmer, a birthday present from a couple years ago (my girl friends know me too well lol!). Once I get bored of that, I'll probably try on the Butter London polish. Also pictured, Bourjois Paris nail enamels which I picked up at Priceline.

Nail polishes

More for the eyes. Wow, this post really makes me seem like I'm huge on eye makeup. Which is kinda true I guess. I have small eyes with typical short Asian lashes so I usually try and hide that by doing what I can to make them look bigger. Urban Decay liners in Lust and Oil Slick, Majolica Majorca liners in black, and brown and a pinky beige, both with glitter. That was a mistake. The glitter is kinda too chunky for my taste and sometimes gets into my eyes. :( It hurts!

Eye makeup haul

Also, Majolica Majorca eyebrow pencil in dark brown, and Daiso eyebrow pencils in black and grey. Urban Decay Grindhouse eyeliner sharpener (it came in a set with the two eyeliners - score!). From Daiso, two mascaras in black, one is waterproof. Bourjois Paris mascara, also in black, and Duo waterproof eyelash glue, the clear white version. And also the little freebie lip gloss from The Face Shop.

I bought this Urban Decay primer set from Sephora Singapore. It cost me probably half (or less! I can't remember) of what I would have paid, had I bought everything separately. It has the eyelash and lip primers, and what excited me the most - Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer Potion and the famed Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Everything is full-sized.

Urban Decay primer set

Skincare stuff next! From The Face Shop, Vita B Mask sheet, Hydrating Milk Pack, Cucumber Pack, and a freebie sample of shampoo. I also bought from Priceline, a tube of my favourite hand cream, Garnier Skin Naturals Hand Cocoon. This stuff is seriously good. My skin is generally really dry, it's always been, and all the handwashing I have had to do because of working in a lab doesn't help. This stuff is like instant relief for me! And for $5, I'm not going to go looking for a substitute from a higher end brand. I'm always washing my hands, so I'm always having to reapply anyway.

Skincare haul

Wow, lots of stuff for me to play with. Thus far, I'm really loving the Cucumber face pack. It's quite hydrating, and somehow, anti-acne as well. I swear, I had a couple pimples coming up, one on my forehead and one on my chin, but after using the mask, they disappeared! Shock! Not complaining though, I've just never seen that happen after a facial mask before. And the Hydrating Milk pack has a nice softening effect as well.

I've decided that I'm going to post ingredients lists for products where possible. Sometimes it's hard to find out these things, and whilst I'm not too fussed about it (I do try to avoid parabens where possible though), lots of people are watchful of what they put on their skin, whether it's because of allergies or cautiousness, so I'd like to be as helpful as possible in that regard. So for anyone that's reading, and interested in that sort of thing, please stay tuned!

March 14, 2011


I have a new perfume! The One Eau de Parfum by Dolce & Gabbana.

Dolce & Gabbana The One Eau de parfum

My friend meant this to be my graduation present. But she decided to give it to me early as she was worried she might misplace it when she moved. I'm keeping this in my desk, and I'm not going to open it until I hand in my thesis. >_< Hopefully it will help motivate me to write faster!

Turns out we had family friends in Japan. But fortunately they are safe. I'm not sure how close they were to the epicenter but apparently the hotel they were staying in was literally swaying. Really scary. I honestly cannot imagine what it would be like to experience something of that magnitude. Nor the tsunami that washed away an entire coastal town. You could almost believe that the end of the world is nigh.


Edit: Just saw this posted on my FB wall - Shintaro Ishihara, governor of Tokyo, said that the tsunamis may be "divine retribution" for the selfishness of the Japanese people. (tweet is in Japanese - from Asahi Shimbun) UM WHUT. What is wrong with this man?! >:(

March 12, 2011

The Face Shop mini-haul

I've been on a face mask kick in recent weeks, owing to my skin feeling sorta rough, and uneven in tone and texture. So I went to The Face Shop to see what I could get, and this is what I picked up.


Vita B mask sheet pack (AU$3), and Hydrating Milk Pack (AU$17)! And I got a freebie: a mini lipgloss that can be used as a phone charm. I love shopping there, they always give little samples with your purchases.

Thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the Japan earthquake and resulting tsunamis. It's a beautiful country, and amazing to visit. The people there are generally awesome and friendly too. Although... what is up with all these earthquakes? Must a ring of fire thing. Hawaii better watch out.

March 11, 2011

Daiso haul!

In February, I went to the Daiso store in Richmond with the specific intent to peruse their cosmetics section, and this is what I came away with.


I got false eyelashes in "14 Short straight type", powder foundation in No.4 Beige, Slim Auto eyebrow liner in grey, and from their Ever Bilena range, waterproof mascara in black, and concealer in beige.
So far, I am loving the eyelashes! They are pretty short, so it doesn't look like I have false lashes on. I just look like I have really full lashes. My only gripe is that they don't really curl up very much, but that may be just from how I applied the glue.
I'll leave thoughts on the mascara til a later post, since I also have another Daiso mascara, and want to do a combined post with that. And same with the eyebrow liner. Briefly, I have mixed feelings about the mascaras, and am fairly ambivalent about the brow liners.
I was most disappointed by the concealer. Since they didn't have any testers in store, I had to guess which shade I was, and my god, was I wrong! Way, way, wayyyyy too light for me and very yellow? And the texture was horribly chalky and didn't blend well at all.
I have not tried the foundation yet, it doesn't come with a sponge so I'll have to get or scrounge one up from somewhere (I'm sure I saw one in my drawer...). But after trying the concealer, I'm a little apprehensive.

Overall, for AU$2.80 each, it wasn't a bad haul. I'm thinking of trying their nail polishes next, and maybe their blushes and eyeshadows to see the quality. You never know, right?
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