March 20, 2011

Gigantic haul!

So a few things came in the mail for me recently, and I wanted to do a huge haul post. This is all stuff that I've bought over the last four months or so, mind you...

Big haul!

It's really satisfying to look at. Some I bought while I was in Singapore, some of it is from eBay, and some from here - good old Melbourne.
Please forgive the perhaps overly liberal use of watermarking, I really dislike the thought of someone using my photos for their own purposes and not crediting - and I have seen/heard of unscrupulous eBayers using photos from well-known sites such as Temptalia and passing them off as their own. Really dishonest.

First up, Urban Decay eyeshadows! I really need some eyeshadows in my life. I'm seriously tired of using black eyeliner only! I got the Naked palette for everyday neutral looks, and the Book of Shadows III for more fun/going out looks. Both were from eBay.

Urban Decay palettes

Sadly, one of the shadows, Perversion, in the BoS broke in the post. :( I probably would like this one the most too. Some of it got stuck to the box and I cleaned it off before taking photos. It was so smooth and velvety! Can't wait to use these!

Broken eyeshadow

I'm going to try and repair Perversion, and then I'll probably look into depotting these. Whilst it's really cool, the packaging for BoS is just too chunky and space wasting.

Lights up though! So cool!

Next, some face stuff. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Light Flush, which I absolutely adore, Majolica Majorca Cheek Customize cheek colour PK333, which I also love. I'm such a sucker for Majo-majo stuff, their packaging is so so pretty! Look at that gold logo! Look at it! And also from Daiso, a powder foundation which I still haven't tried, and the failed concealer which I mentioned in this post.

Face makeup haul

Nail stuff next. The Butter London nail polish came free with an issue of either Vogue Australia or Harpers Bazaar, I can't remember. I haven't used it yet, but I've since heard really great things about Butter London polishes, so I'll probably get to it soon. At the moment I'm wearing Chanel Le Vernis nail colour in Vendetta which is a dark purple with microshimmer, a birthday present from a couple years ago (my girl friends know me too well lol!). Once I get bored of that, I'll probably try on the Butter London polish. Also pictured, Bourjois Paris nail enamels which I picked up at Priceline.

Nail polishes

More for the eyes. Wow, this post really makes me seem like I'm huge on eye makeup. Which is kinda true I guess. I have small eyes with typical short Asian lashes so I usually try and hide that by doing what I can to make them look bigger. Urban Decay liners in Lust and Oil Slick, Majolica Majorca liners in black, and brown and a pinky beige, both with glitter. That was a mistake. The glitter is kinda too chunky for my taste and sometimes gets into my eyes. :( It hurts!

Eye makeup haul

Also, Majolica Majorca eyebrow pencil in dark brown, and Daiso eyebrow pencils in black and grey. Urban Decay Grindhouse eyeliner sharpener (it came in a set with the two eyeliners - score!). From Daiso, two mascaras in black, one is waterproof. Bourjois Paris mascara, also in black, and Duo waterproof eyelash glue, the clear white version. And also the little freebie lip gloss from The Face Shop.

I bought this Urban Decay primer set from Sephora Singapore. It cost me probably half (or less! I can't remember) of what I would have paid, had I bought everything separately. It has the eyelash and lip primers, and what excited me the most - Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer Potion and the famed Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Everything is full-sized.

Urban Decay primer set

Skincare stuff next! From The Face Shop, Vita B Mask sheet, Hydrating Milk Pack, Cucumber Pack, and a freebie sample of shampoo. I also bought from Priceline, a tube of my favourite hand cream, Garnier Skin Naturals Hand Cocoon. This stuff is seriously good. My skin is generally really dry, it's always been, and all the handwashing I have had to do because of working in a lab doesn't help. This stuff is like instant relief for me! And for $5, I'm not going to go looking for a substitute from a higher end brand. I'm always washing my hands, so I'm always having to reapply anyway.

Skincare haul

Wow, lots of stuff for me to play with. Thus far, I'm really loving the Cucumber face pack. It's quite hydrating, and somehow, anti-acne as well. I swear, I had a couple pimples coming up, one on my forehead and one on my chin, but after using the mask, they disappeared! Shock! Not complaining though, I've just never seen that happen after a facial mask before. And the Hydrating Milk pack has a nice softening effect as well.

I've decided that I'm going to post ingredients lists for products where possible. Sometimes it's hard to find out these things, and whilst I'm not too fussed about it (I do try to avoid parabens where possible though), lots of people are watchful of what they put on their skin, whether it's because of allergies or cautiousness, so I'd like to be as helpful as possible in that regard. So for anyone that's reading, and interested in that sort of thing, please stay tuned!


  1. wow that is one big giganticness haul - bet you are having lots of fun playing with those products now :)

  2. Hi, thanks for the comments! Yes, especially the face stuff! :) And thank you for following!


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