March 21, 2011

Friday mini haul

Now for some pictures to follow on from my possibly too-wordy salsa post. >_>


This is turning into a regular occurrence! Although, none of these things were particularly expensive.
Dove conditioner

Dove Daily Moisture Hair Conditioner, I think it was about AU$5 or 6 from Priceline. I have a pretty picky scalp, and whilst I've found a shampoo that works for me (Wella System Professional), conditioner is another matter. I've recently been trying out different conditioners to try and find one that doesn't make my scalp itch and flake, and that also conditions well.

Dove moisturising lotion

Dove Essential Nutrients Protective Moisturising Lotion SPF 15, roughly AU$13, also from Priceline. Sorry, I can't remember exactly what I paid for it. I was actually tossing up between this and a Neutrogena moisturiser, but got this one because it was a) cheaper, and b) seemed to have better online reviews over all.

The Face Shop base coat

The Face Shop Nail Base Coat, AU$3. I actually got this for free because I had accumulated enough cash points on my membership card! Been needing a new base coat.

The Face Shop Vita C mask sheet

The Face Shop Vita C mask sheet, AU$3. This was actually a freebie, it's even marked "Not for sale" on the back. I think the SA remembers my face now, I've been in and out of her store every week of that month.

Not a bad haul, if I do say so myself.

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