February 23, 2011


Oh noes! I've fallen prey to Melbourne's fickle weather, and have come down with some sort of cold. This always happens to me when the seasons change. :(
I really hate being sick. The sore throat and nasal passages, aching bones, and to top it all off, this time, I'm also experiencing some dizziness and headache which is really weird! Never happened before. I'm going to take it easy tonight: a hot shower, and an early bedtime! My nose hasn't started running yet and hopefully it won't start tomorrow. I might dress up a little tomorrow to make myself feel better. T_T

February 21, 2011

Ebay madness!

I've recently starting using Ebay again. It's been some years since I stopped, way before Paypal was the norm, which I actually like now since it's a familiar system to me. And it feels safer since I'm not handing out credit card or bank account details.
I got back into it since I was on the hunt for products from the MAC Mineralize lines, specifically Skinfinishes and blushes. >_< They are so so pretty! I know, I'm so late in getting on the bandwagon for this, although in my defence I've been living in a makeup blackhole for the past 4-5 years lol. I'd just stuck to the products that I'd been using and haven't been bothered with trying anything new or experimenting with/learning about so-called makeup techniques (by which I mean techniques for applying eyeshadow and blush etc, because I am totally clueless when it comes to makeup! I've never really used eyeshadow til recently, just used eyeliner, and smudged it with my finger when I wanted a smokey eye. That's all, I'm serious!). But that's all changing now. I've gotten quite bored, and frustrated really, I see so many girls with amazing makeup, especially the eyes, and I wanna do it too!
So to that end, I've been reading a lot of beauty blogs recently, and as a result of that I've become just slightly obsessed with the MAC Mineralize products (only slightly, really, I promise!). I've just received a Skinfinish in Light Flush which I got for an amaaaazing price of just 26AUD including shipping (from a local seller, so yay for cheaper shipping!). It's so so pretty! I love the gold veining! I tried it on using a powder brush with a fairly light hand on my bare face, it's not very noticeable, but I can see a faint pinkish/gold sheen. It does seem to slightly brighten and even out my complexion so I was very pleased!
I'm getting a few more soon, through Ebay of course, I'm just waiting for a confirmation on combined postage. Definitely need to hold myself back though, it's so easy to go overboard and just keep buying! I'll have to keep reminding myself that I must save some money to do those two courses next month: ladies salsa footwork and kimono-making, can't wait! And maybe next term, a spinning course? I need to level up on the dancefloor!
And also just an update on the previous post, I managed to find UD's Naked Palette on Ebay combined with their Book of Shadows Vol. III. Shipping was killer, since the seller was in the UK but at least I'm avoiding shopping service fees. Or so I keep telling myself. And the Naked Palette is sold out on the UD site anyway.

I'll definitely try and take some pictures of my haul! It's been a while since I've done product pics, I kinda miss it. :)

P.S. Really geeky, but seeing the abbreviation "UD" doesn't make me think of Urban Decay, it actually makes me think of Undead. lol I play Warcraft, don't judge me!

February 17, 2011


Omg! I've been stalking the Urban Decay site, and lo and behold, their 15th anniversary eyeliner set came back into stock! I managed to find a shopping service that'll accept Paypal (and they're Aussie too!), so I've put in my order. Also getting a single 24/7 liner in Yeyo. Can't wait!
In other shopping news, been trawling Ebay for UD's Naked palette. >_< They're all so expensive! Good god! But I'm determined to get it. I need some eyeshadows in my life right now, and that palette looks so delicious. Also thinking of getting a Too Faced palette or two... maybe 3 lol. The AUD is so strong against the USD right now, it's a really good time to buy! Especially if getting a few things - save on shipping, haha.

Things I hope to cover here:
experimental coords
fashion/makeup/hair challenges

That's all I can think of at the moment. I really want to start! But there's a fair bit going irl right now. Just quickly:
Getting visa sorted
Organising ASMR student symposium
Writing thesis omgomgomg
And of course making sure that I have food to eat, a (relatively) clean home to return to everyday, clean clothes to wear and that the bills are paid (although not always on time oh dear).And also spending time with my boy. And there's also that kimono making course that I want to do. And that salsa footwork course. Gah! Not enough time!
Maybe I can start a fashion challenge for now. Hmm... will think about it.
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