February 17, 2011


Omg! I've been stalking the Urban Decay site, and lo and behold, their 15th anniversary eyeliner set came back into stock! I managed to find a shopping service that'll accept Paypal (and they're Aussie too!), so I've put in my order. Also getting a single 24/7 liner in Yeyo. Can't wait!
In other shopping news, been trawling Ebay for UD's Naked palette. >_< They're all so expensive! Good god! But I'm determined to get it. I need some eyeshadows in my life right now, and that palette looks so delicious. Also thinking of getting a Too Faced palette or two... maybe 3 lol. The AUD is so strong against the USD right now, it's a really good time to buy! Especially if getting a few things - save on shipping, haha.

Things I hope to cover here:
experimental coords
fashion/makeup/hair challenges

That's all I can think of at the moment. I really want to start! But there's a fair bit going irl right now. Just quickly:
Getting visa sorted
Organising ASMR student symposium
Writing thesis omgomgomg
And of course making sure that I have food to eat, a (relatively) clean home to return to everyday, clean clothes to wear and that the bills are paid (although not always on time oh dear).And also spending time with my boy. And there's also that kimono making course that I want to do. And that salsa footwork course. Gah! Not enough time!
Maybe I can start a fashion challenge for now. Hmm... will think about it.

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