July 21, 2011

Eh heh...

Yeah, no I haven't forgotten about this blog, nor did I quietly decide to abandon it. Unfortunately for me, thesis writing and prep for my final presentation completely took over for a while. Still not done with that, although the presentation is over (YAY! I could have passed out with relief.). :( Noooo why am I still writing goddammit! But it's okay, I'm close. I'm so close! (if I keep telling myself that, it'll come true right?!)

Anyways, decided I needed the respite (and to clear my Google Reader - coming up on 1000 unread entries zomg!) so I'm back! Sporadically at least.

- a couple FotDs (where I desperately try to remember what was used)
- NYX (from Cherry Culture) haul
- One Day in Paradise x Illamasqua x Richard Ibrahim Photography event
- MAC eBay haul
- Illamasqua haul (/EXCITED)
- (hopefully) more product reviews and swatches

We'll see if I can get round to doing swatches, it's time consuming for me right now, and I have to rely on natural lighting. /shakesfistatMelbournewinterweather

Sneak peak of the next post!

Repairing broken eyeshadow - setup

Is it obvious what it's going to be on?

That's all for now! :)
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