March 11, 2011

Daiso haul!

In February, I went to the Daiso store in Richmond with the specific intent to peruse their cosmetics section, and this is what I came away with.


I got false eyelashes in "14 Short straight type", powder foundation in No.4 Beige, Slim Auto eyebrow liner in grey, and from their Ever Bilena range, waterproof mascara in black, and concealer in beige.
So far, I am loving the eyelashes! They are pretty short, so it doesn't look like I have false lashes on. I just look like I have really full lashes. My only gripe is that they don't really curl up very much, but that may be just from how I applied the glue.
I'll leave thoughts on the mascara til a later post, since I also have another Daiso mascara, and want to do a combined post with that. And same with the eyebrow liner. Briefly, I have mixed feelings about the mascaras, and am fairly ambivalent about the brow liners.
I was most disappointed by the concealer. Since they didn't have any testers in store, I had to guess which shade I was, and my god, was I wrong! Way, way, wayyyyy too light for me and very yellow? And the texture was horribly chalky and didn't blend well at all.
I have not tried the foundation yet, it doesn't come with a sponge so I'll have to get or scrounge one up from somewhere (I'm sure I saw one in my drawer...). But after trying the concealer, I'm a little apprehensive.

Overall, for AU$2.80 each, it wasn't a bad haul. I'm thinking of trying their nail polishes next, and maybe their blushes and eyeshadows to see the quality. You never know, right?

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