April 4, 2011

Review: The Face Shop Fresh Cucumber pack

Last week I wrote about the Hydrating Milk pack from The Face Shop, this week, it's the Fresh Cucumber pack (AU$17)!

Fresh cucumber pack

Fresh cucumber pack

It has a flip top lid just like the other mask pack, and it comes foil sealed which you have to remove before use.

My first impression of this was the scent. The 'cucumber' fragrance is really really strong! My whole makeup/skincare drawer stinks of it. I don't really mind, because I quite like the scent and my sense of smell is not the greatest anyway. But those who are sensitive may want to stay away from this.

That said, I really like this mask. It is my favourite of the two. I find it really cooling and refreshing, and very hydrating. I usually have some redness around the nose, and cheeks, but this disappears completely after using this mask. From the pic below you can see that it contains these jelly-like granules. They don't dissolve, and are actually quite firm. I'm not sure what they are, cucumber bits? lol

Fresh cucumber pack

Again, I did not moisturise my hands for about 3 days before taking these pictures. Probably hard to tell from the photos but skin texture is improved, and softened. <3

Fresh cucumber pack

Unfortunately, the label is all in Korean so no ingredients list this time. :/ I think the instructions are pretty much the same as for the Hydrating milk pack, I usually leave it on for 15 minutes sometimes slightly more though. Wash off, then follow with the usual skincare routine.

^_^ I really love this mask! Would love to try more masks from The Face Shop. So far they are fairly cheap, they haven't broken me out, and they do their job.

Edit: I forgot to add that this has an anti-acne effect for me. Not so much on existing pimples, but on ones that are just starting to come up. Yay!

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