April 14, 2011

Haul: My Beauty Diary and Face Q masks / Casual review: Sunnanz

I just love it when I forget that I've ordered something, and when it arrives it's like getting a present. I placed a pre-order with Sunnanz for the My Beauty Diary x Hello Kitty collaboration face masks, and they arrived yesterday! I totally forgot about them because I had to wait for about a month lol.
But today's post is about my previous order, from their standing stock of My Beauty Diary and Face Q masks. I pretty much got one of whatever they had available. Ah hahaha, I love my masks.
You can read a bit about Sunnanz here.

Package from Sunnanz

Gigantic package! The whole transaction was pretty smooth. They have a shopping cart system on their site, after I finished picking what I wanted, I filled in my details, and hit the submit order button. Because I'm not in Singapore, I had to wait for an invoice email from them that included postage costs but it didn't take long, within 24 hours? They also sent email notifications when they sent my package out.

My Beauty Diary face masks

My Beauty Diary face masks!

Face Q masks

Face Q masks!

I really can't wait to try these out! I haven't yet, because I've been using the Face Shop packs, but I'll get round to these soon. I've heard so much about them, really hope they live up to the hype. They certainly seem to be always sold out on Sasa, which was why I chose to order from Sunnanz instead.
I'll definitely be ordering from them again, in addition to MBD and Face Q masks, they also have other brands of Taiwanese masks, as well as various Korean skincare products in stock. They also do preorders for a lot of Korean makeup/skincare brands and clothing items - more shopping! Omg! 

I'm wayyyyy behind on haul posts. Would also love to do some swatch posts too so look out for that too!


  1. Ive heard so many things about beauty diary masks! I wanna try too

  2. lol try them! You can also get them from Sasa, or there are a few places in Melbourne that sell them if you don't want to order online. Might be a bit more expensive though.


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